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  • P2 Video Visibility Issue

    I've edited some P2 video before using Edius but recently have recorded two events using P2 and am in a heap of hot water.

    The format is HVX200 DVCProHD with [email protected] codec with 24pN FR (metadata info). I can't seem to get the material to be visible. When I try to import it sometimes it will see a couple of the files but others it will not, only audio. That is, about the first 20 mins of the clips will be video and audio, the next part (regardless of how long) will just be audio and of course the last 5 or so minutes (maybe more) will be video and audio.

    Also, I've tried the P2 SELECT idea and again it sees some but not all the video. However, once the P2 SELECT path is set up (which I'm challenged to do since I hardly know how to do it) the picons are visible and if I select one and click "Change Icon" it will allow me to see the whole video clip to chose a different one.

    Whenentually get all the clips in but only half the video is visible the rest is just audio.

    Am I doing something wrong?
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