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  • Bassman
    This is early, but a separate analog capture as a backup might be nice, but would also add to the stuff to carry around.

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  • GrassValley_BH
    As long as you...
    1. Have good, clean power (generators make notoriously noisy power)
    2. Aren't in a high heat or vibration area
    3. Have some degree of fault-tolerance (never know when something might fall onto the drive or something)
    4. Archive footage immediately to some mobile medium

    Then it sounds quite viable.

    My main concerns would be portability of the captured files (removable trays would accommodate this), general reliability of the system (no overheating, etc), and confirmation that EDIUS is and continues its recording.

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  • Bassman
    started a topic Live Capture Thoughts...

    Live Capture Thoughts...

    I am looking at different HD setups and cameras and have come to the realization that longer recording times and solid state camera memory do not go together.

    So I would like to run a scenario by the forum to see if it has any weight.

    This would be on sticks, no movement.

    If I had to film a three hour event in 720p60, maybe two sections of 1 1/2 hours, P2 would cost me $10,000.

    SxS would cost me $3,000

    Flash XDR would cost me $5,500

    OR, is it worthwhile to consider a small shuttle style box for firewire capture using Edius? The P2 cameras actually output DVCPROHD out the firewire port.

    Or maybe a small shuttle style box to capture with the SDI port and get realtime monitoring?

    These little boxes would seem more trustworthy to me than a laptop and I could put large fast drives in them, or maybe even a capture card...

    Thanks for your input on viability and stability.