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Upgrading from Edius Pro 4.6 to Broadcast - Serial Problem

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  • Upgrading from Edius Pro 4.6 to Broadcast - Serial Problem

    Hi there Folks,

    I have recently just purchased the upgrade pack for Edius NLE Broadcast version 4.6 (from Edius Pro 4.6).

    However when installing the broadcast upgrade, once I have entered the provided serial, I am then asked to enter a previous version serial for version 3!!

    I do not have version 3 of Edius, I started with version 4. Entering version 4 pro serial number does not seem to work.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this?

    Thanks in advance for your hints or tips.



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    The upgrade from EDIUS Pro 4.x to EDIUS Broadcast 4.x shouldn't require any software to be installed--you should only have received a secondary dongle (and an additional manual or two) which needs to be plugged in along side your EDIUS Pro 4.x dongle, which provides the codec licenses for P2, XDCAM, etc., and enables all of the functions of EDIUS Broadcast that are normally grayed out or hidden in EDIUS Pro. There are no software differences between Pro and Broadcast, and nothing that needs to come from a disk, hence the lack of install disk.

    It sounds like you may have inadvertently purchased either an EDIUS Broadcast 3.x to Broadcast 4.5 upgrade, or an EDIUS Pro 3.x to EDIUS Broadcast 4.5 upgrade, both of which require software installation, both of which will prompt you for a previous version's serial number as proof that you are a legitimate owner of the previous version. The Pro 4.x to Broadcast 4.x upgrade does not do this--all you do is plug in the extra dongle and you're done.

    If you received something other than what I have described above, you may want to contact your dealer or local Thomson Grass Valley sales office to help sort things out.


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      Thanks for the comprehesive response.

      You most are cetainly spot on with this info. Have reinstalled my original software version 4 and then done the upgrades to 4.5. and 4.6, inserted the new USB Key and viola the application lauches correctly and with the 'P2 Select' camera options (we have a panasonic DVC Pro HD which we are using with this).

      It would seem my supplier has provided us with manuals and install discs for 4.5 and 4.6 upgrades from version 3 (which is not what we need). But the USB dongle is correct (label says EDIUSBC 4.5 (UPG)).

      I am suprised that there was no install instructions with regards to this i.e. step 1. plug in new USB Key then your done! as all the supporting material recommends uninstalling any previous version of EDIUS.

      One final question if I may:

      Do I always need to have both USB dongles in when running EDIUS in broadcast mode? as especially when using this on a laptop, USB ports are in great need! Is there a work around?

      Thanks for your help.

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        Use the Edius License Manager located in ..\Tools\EdiusLM\EdiusLM.exe on the install disk.

        EdiusLM allows you to combine all licenses onto one dongle using the USB to USB transfer tool.


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          Excellent . . . Thanks for the quick response.