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NX Card which one?

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  • NX Card which one?

    Buying NX card is a bit confusing, All I want is to preview HDV in RT from timeline, Do I need the expansion kit also?

    Can someone show me the way here... Thanks!


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    Yes, you'd need the expansion kit to gain full HD component output from your timeline in realtime. Assuming, that is, that you want to preview HDV on an external monitor.


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      Well if you want to view HDV you need the lets say pci nx with the expansion kit.

      But if you have a newer motherboad with 2pci-E slots you then go for the NX-Express.
      That comes with the NX ins pci-e version and the fire coder board with provides HD component out.

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        Steve, Will the above mother board work with my over 5 year NX Board?

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