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Making a watermark??

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  • Making a watermark??

    Hey all...
    ok - I have done this in the past for corporate work. I have NO IDEA how I did it (that was 3 kids ago...mommy brain). A client wants to see the effect. SO.
    I am starting on a full screen of the logo, zooming it in to the lower right hand corner of the screen and need it to turn into a watermark. As far as the motion - no problem, I know how to do it. WHAT would be the settings to turn said logo into a watermark? Or can anyone direct me to the information? I actually rememebr reading HOW to in the Canoups manual back in 2000 or somthing like that.... but can't find the manual now.
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    Make a Taga file import it in to edius ,put the logo/piture on the top video layer , put a 3d picture in picture filter , your then have full control for resizing , transparency etc, and key the route you want . hope this helps