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  • Subtitle workflow

    Hi all,

    Im keen to know if there is a better work flow than this for subtitling?

    Im cutting out of a word doc the text line by line and pasting into QT saving each file. Once I have a scene im placing and timing the title clips on the time line... Its taking a while is there another way?


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    I do must of my subtitle work in my dvd app, which is dvdit pro
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      The faster workflow I know (there may be better ones) Is using an excellent freeware program called Subtitler Workshop. You can load your video, and using keyboard short cuts locate your titling points and the write the titles down.

      When finished you can export your subtitles in almost any format recognizable by your authoring program. Ie: There is a preset for DVDWS and when exported, the program loads the file without a hitch.

      I use this program all the time.

      Hope this helps