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Wishlist for V5?

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  • Wishlist for V5?

    Can't find a wishlist, but there is something that bugs me that probably could and should be easily fixed.

    Now we have a lot of effects including the 40 colour presets from stereovision, when you put one of these custom presets on the timeline it shows in the information area as "combined filters" and does not show it's name.

    Now with a lot of filters this is very annoying as you have no idea which one you have used when you come back to it.

    If you save a custom preset surely Edius should see and use it's custom name whenever it is used?

    Cheers Vaughan
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    This has been suggested for awhile now. Hopefully we will see something on it.


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      We all would like that. Because it is even confusing if you made your own presets.

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