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Problem with dissolve transition

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  • Problem with dissolve transition

    Hi all,

    I'm having a little trouble with my Dissolve transition. I have inserted a Dissolve transtition with 'Extend clips when applying a transition/cross fade' ticked. However the transition doesn't do anything, there is no dissolve effect. If I untick 'Extend clips when applying a transition' and insert a dissolve transition, the transition works fine but the whole clip gets shorter by one second. This causes the audio to 'skip' because the clip has been shortened. Does anyone know how i can get the Dissolve transition to work if i have inserted it with the 'Extend clips when applying transition' box ticked??

    Thanks very much,


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    Are you absolutely sure that you are not at, or very nearly at, the end of the clip(s) before trying to insert the transition? "Extend clips" will only work if there are the appropriate number of source frames left to actually extend to.
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      I've inserted the transition near the beginning of the clip, at a cut-point. I've also inserted transitions in the middle of the clip, but the problem occurs no matter where i put them.


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        Are your Transition and Cross Fade Durations the same length (amount of time)? They don't need to be the same and can cause havoc!
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          Can you provide a screenshot of the clip on the timeline?
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            I have solved my problem. When i was inserting the tranisitions i dragged it on to the video track and that was the problem. Instead I dragged the transition onto the grey coloured track below the audio track and everything works fine. What is this track mainly used for?


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              Sounds like you worked around your initial problem by putting the transition in the keyer track. This track is used for chroma/luma keying, picture-in-picture and layer blends.


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                Were you doing this with clips on a single track or clips on two seperate tracks? If you are using AB style editing you will have to put the transition on the keyer track as you discovered. If you have two clips butting up to each other on a single track, you will place the transition on the clips themselves where they meet.