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  • Titlemotion question

    I think I have seen it here before, I did a search, but i didn´t find it, seem like titlemotion only opens in the bin, It does not open in the timeline or if i press the T above the timeline, I have sat TMpro as the default titler, so where am I going wrong ?
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    The TMP program opens in its own window, not in the timeline, but the 'created' out title will be added to the timeline. Check to see where your In and Out points are. If they are not 'over' the desired clip and you press T, TMP may open the wrong clip for title editing (or no clip at all)?
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      I am used to right click a track and then chooose TMpro, then it always have started, but not anymore, probably have some settings wrong, even quick titler won´t open
      A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)