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    I recently wiped my drive and reinstalled everything - after doing so I have lost audio playback via my computer speakers. The speakers work fine and playback fine in Adobe Encore.

    Before the reinstall (using version 4.60) I had audio playback through the computer speakers just fine. I have run through all the settings and nothing sticks out... I am frustrated because this is probably a very simple fix but I can't seem to find it - can anyone help me out here?


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    Are you using EDIUS hardware or just software?


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      Go check Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices, select the volume tab and then clk Advanced and make sure Windows did not mute something or the volume control is too low.


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        Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
        Are you using EDIUS hardware or just software?
        I am using both hardware and software.

        As for going to windows control pannel - I tried that and found everything was fine - volume up and its all good. The speakers work great for everything else but Edius.

        By the way this is a Canopus (GV) built flx system.

        Thanks for the help so far - just need a bit more help.


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          OHCI projects will play out the sound card directly. Try that first to make sure the sound hardware itself is working properly in EDIUS.

          Then switch to an EDIUS hardware project.

          NHX/SHX/RX projects will play out of the EDIUS hardware and should come in on the soundcard's Aux, Line, or CD input, depending on how it's connected.

          If you still hear nothing, turn down the speakers and plug them into the audio output jack on the EDIUS board.

          If that doesn't work, try the audio outputs on the component out module (if your module has audio outputs).


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            Make sure the mute button for the video track is not muted. I have lost audio several times only to find that I had somehow clicked on the audio mute button on the video track.

            I am always one click from success or disaster.

            Ronnie Martin
            Kato Video Productions
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              Check the channel mapping for the audio in the sequence you are using. If this is not right no sound will be heard.
              Mike T
              Mike Trewhella
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