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  • cuervo
    I avoid TN panels because they don't show a true 16 million color palette. a portion of the color map is "virtualllly" generated, so, TN panels don't really show good color representation if you're interested in color timing. S-PVA panels work much better for this. Having said this, if one of your monitors is S-PVA, the second monitor could be a tn panel display. tn panels are much more inexpensive than S-PVA.

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  • Chris Barnard
    started a topic Edius on Samsung S-PVA

    Edius on Samsung S-PVA

    Hi all,

    I'm very happy with my 22" CRTs when I'm editing with Edius, but I need more room as I seem to be working with more tracks than usual these days.

    Can anyone comment on the difference between a good TN panel and a S-PVA panel when it comes to editing with Edius?

    I've never worked with either!!