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Create NTSC DVD from PAL mpeg

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  • Create NTSC DVD from PAL mpeg

    I have a PAL project in Edius that I burned to DVD. I have been asked to provide an NTSC version of it. I still have the mpeg files from the Temp folder Edius made when it created the DVD.

    What is the best process for making an NTSC DVD from them? Can I simply drop them into an NTSC timeline and then make a DVD?

    Thank you.
    Joe Shaw
    Freelance Director/Editor

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    I did something similar recently, by ripping a PAL DVD with Let's Edit2 and then using Procoder to convert the file to NTSC and append some more NTSC footage. In Edius Capture/Disc Capture should be able to rip the dvd file, or if you already have the file then procoder should be able to handle it.


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      This might be of some help


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