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Best way to Edit DVD into a new project

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  • Best way to Edit DVD into a new project

    My client is a young 1ST tenor and He wants to include some footage from another DVD to the project that I am working on now. What is the best work flow method to include footage from an existing DVD into a new one and preserving the quality of the old DVD?


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    Well I know that I would simply record in analogue from the DVD- S out unless you have a component out - 50% of files ripped for editing have problems.......start the timer for Anton to agree.



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      Or if your dvd recorder/player has firewire you can use that too. :)
      That is what I use.

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        Yes, S out or firewire out. Thats the best.

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          I must admit to being a fan of Womble for this sort of insertion task. Fundamentally you do not want to recode the file on the DVD in any way. First you need to find out what data rate the old DVD is at and encode the newer edit to the same rate if its CBR or close to average if VBR. Let Womble rip the old DVD also import your new encoded file into Womble and place on the timeline too. Then do standard cuts editing within Womble to insert the old clip into the new and export. Womble will not reencode anything it doesn't have to ( only for a transitions etc) so the old DVD file clip will be exactly the same quality. Womble was designed to edit DVD recorder DVD's to remove commercials etc and DVD camcorder discs and does this very well. Newer version have full AC3 audio support to as well as authoring. I have done this a few times with DVD camcorder discs as well as replacing titles and credits on a DVD of a show I had done but the group wanted to use different titles and credits for other purposes.

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          Ron Evans

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            If you match project and output settings with the original clip and use the EDIUS-native MPEG exporter (Generic MPEG Exporter) and enable SegmentEncode, EDIUS will "smart-render" the MPEG so only the changed parts get re-encoded. Assuming you're using v4.5 or later at least...