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    Hi there,

    I was looking through the BluRay Presets for Procoder 3, and noticed some strange things.

    For a start, the 1440x1080i_50 preset isn't 50 frames at all, its 25i.
    The 1920x1080i_50 preset isn't interlaced, and is 23.976 frames per second....what the?

    From HDV footage shot on a Z1, edited in a 1440x1080i Pal project in edius, and exported to Procoder, I'm trying to sort out my own BluRay presets.

    Does anyone know the correct field order for the above example?

    I know this has been talked about a million times, but I couldn't find my answer with a search...
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    To answer my own question, I'm pretty sure ALL HDV is UFF (Upper Feild First).

    So a typical Mpeg for a Single Layer Bluray Disc (duration 2hrs) would look like this:
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    When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.


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      1080i_50 is one correct way of describing it, there are 50 fields.

      The presets as installed by default in V3.05 do have to be checked (frame rates), you are correct, some of them have incorrect frame rates. I did mention this prior it's release when i had a beta, it still go through.

      I agree, a bit slack to put them out like that but then Blu-ray isn't important yet is it?
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        Ahhh, okay the 50 makes sense then. Anyway, not having a go at the author (was it you?) as i am appreciative of them. Just wanted to make sure I was creating mpegs correctly for bluray.
        When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.