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The new Mac Pro and Edius?

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    You know me too well, Steve...hahaha

    Anyways, there are a few threads about this, it's best to search...

    Here's one

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  • SRsupport
    Works like a charm.
    Bootcamp is the mac software for doing a dualboot between OSX and Windows. With leopard it is really simple. I would call it dummy proof. :)
    I am running a second gen macpro with the NX.
    I have my hooked up:
    external mixer control bcf 2000. usb
    Revpro drive via firewire

    One thing to remember the mac EDIUS setup is not officially supported. :)

    But Uncle Dave will jump in anytime he sees MAC-EDIUS.
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  • george
    started a topic The new Mac Pro and Edius?

    The new Mac Pro and Edius?

    The new Mac Pro and using Edius can anybody shed any light? Pros and cons and things. Ive heard about bootthingy but dont really know what it is and how it works yet.

    I need to change my system soon and the new Mac Pro was suggested by a big store here. I will be using it a lot for HD editing, so I suppose I would need the NX express card still, are there any problems installing into a Mac and getting an HD picture out to a HD monitor?

    Windows on a Mac does it work!