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Where's my MPEGcapture?

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  • Where's my MPEGcapture?

    It does help to have a manual!! I downloaded the 3.61 last night and have a new lease on life in my attempts to edit HD. My Pentium 4 3.2 GHz was struggling to keep up with the camera whereas my wifes laptop breezed through. I use Edius infrequently unlike most of you, and basically just edit travel movies a couple of times a year. Now that I've tried the laptop I'd be happy to edit as I go but I've been told no way, divorce proceedings would be initiated!! We are retired and do travel for months at a time so maybe she has a point.

    Anyway I see in the manual that I should have MPEG capture. Start> programs>Canopus>MPEGcapture. I have the Discapture , Edius, ProCoder And Titler there but no MPEG. Where's it gone? Its there in the laptop and also under the select channel/file button on top of the player in the laptop. I wasn't able to activate the laptop and have been trialing it on the thirty day basis. I was therefore not too happy to uninstall/re-install Edius in case I had similar problems. I'm due for a PC upgrade and my Edius supplier says he will guide me through any activation problems then. Went into program files> Canopus and everythig else is there, MPEG tools etc but no MPEGcapture. What do I do?....... I want to play with my new toy and I've only got a couple of weeks before we head off.

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    Maybe you can check the installation CD,you can find a file which named "Mpeg Capture",then install "setup.exe" program;if you can not find the file,you can go to wenside to download.


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      If necessary you can download it from the main Canopus web site. Click on support and log in. Then click on product related downloads, and then click on Edius 4 (assuming you've registered your Edius 4). The file to download is named MPEGcapture Utility v4.02. It's 8 or so MB.
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        MpegCapture is in the Bonus CD

        however, the one in the download area is a newer version
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          Thanks Syqkaduna, had a look at my installation CD and whilst I couldn't find it under open/explore when I started the installation there it was along with everything else but it was unchecked, the only one that was so I guess I must have thought I would never use it when I first installed. Can't think why. Anyway have captured no problems and converted with HQ avi as per 2-10/2-13 of the manual. Some huge file sizes if you go the HD target, still in the process of trying other output options. All seems a long way round, it will be nice to capture directly when I eventually get my upgrade.


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            FYI, in version 4.x, you can capture directly to MPEG-2 TS without having to use MPEGcapture - it's built into EDIUS.

            (note: the built-in MPEG capturing feature does not support DVStorm or any SD-to-MPEG capture - that's why we still offer MPEGcapture as a separate download)