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2 buttons in Edius...what do they do?

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  • 2 buttons in Edius...what do they do?

    One thing, on my Edius 3 Pro.

    on the right side of all the buttons in the middle bar, are 2 orange ones, one that says video, and one audio. Can anyone tell me what those are for exactly and for just default mostly auto encoding do I want them pressed in or out?

    My mouse froze early just over those and I did not realize it and clicked the left button and looked and saw it was froze over those two, so i don't know if the default for those are in or can someone tell me what the default is for both of those, when you first install edius? in or out? I don't ever use them, so I need to make sure they are back in the default position...thanks..t

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    Those two affect whether video, audio, or video and audio are laid down. You want them both orange, IIRC.