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Question on editing vhs and crosshatching

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  • Question on editing vhs and crosshatching

    I captured Vhs from 1999 thru my Storm and added just about 20 on the sharpness to it and burned to dvd. On the vhs is are 2 light shadow horizontal bands, one 1/3 up and the other 2/3 up on the screen that appear to roll like, and are more prominent in certain areas of the video.

    Also on the vhs there is a vertical crosshatching looking band from centerline to about 2/3 of the way toward the right side of the screen. It is light and noticeable sometimes on the tape, but barely noticeable at other times.

    on the dvd, that crosshatching was much more pronounced. So am now reencoding in edius without any sharpening.

    I captured thru the storm with it's default settings, so nothing added.

    My first question concerning my storm, if at those default settings, what I captured was exactly the quality straight from the video? Or do I need to lessen a setting to get rid of the crosshatching?

    The other questions are Edius related.
    Would that sharpness be a reason that crosshatching was more pronounced on the final dvd?
    Is there a way to get rid of or lessen that type of crosshatching band?

    I can barely even see that crosshatching on my computer screen on the vhs or the final dvd m2v.

    Is that crosshatching band related to interlace or non interlacing? maybe I accidently hit a wrong button in Edius or the Storm? if related to interlacing, wouldn't it be the whole picture and not just a band?

    A lot of questions I know...but I am at a loss, if this re encode without sharpness does not help...because it is no where near as prominent on my computer screen or the vhs tape as it was on the final dvd...thanks..t

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    are you able to take a screen capture from the DVD, both PowerDVD and WinDVD software players have a still capture button
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