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Edius & HDV on Macbook(not Pro)

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  • Edius & HDV on Macbook(not Pro)

    I'm trying to edit HDV on a Macbook with Edius. Its a 2 Ghz Core 2 Duo, r gigs of Ram and an onboard intel gma 945gm graphics chipset, 64 mgs of video ram. (The system info says 244 mgs of video ram, but I'm thinking some of that is borrowed from the HDD.) My computer is from the 2nd or 3rd round of macbooks.

    Anyway, in the capture settings I'm not getting 'generic HDV setting' in the capture input settings drop-down box. I get DVC Pro HD for instance, just no HDV. Trying to capture from a Sony FX-1, and the computer, through Premiere Pro, does see the camera just fine Two questions. Can I edit 1 track of HDV in realtime with this setup? (Is anyone editing HDV with the same setup and what is there experience?) And does the software 'sense' my computers' graphic card and forbid me to call the HDV input or am I experiencing some weird software flaw? That's really 4 questions. but hey....

    I'm facing an editing task this summer, lots of work, no money, and this info could REALLY help. Thanks.

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    What OS are you running?


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      I have an HP laptop (1.5Ghz Core 2 Duo, Intel X3100 onboard shared graphics card) and EDIUS works fine on it. Your CPU specs is better than mine, but the graphics card is a bit lower speed.

      In the drop down list it should say "Generic OHCI HDV" when you plug in your FX1 and you should be able to capture without a problem, even to Canopus HQ on the fly.

      And as KH mentioned, something must be wrong with the OS...I have Vista on mine and have successfully captured DV and see the OHCI HDV port as well.


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        I'm running Win XP Pro under Bootcamp. And it is the 'Generic OHCI Driver' dialogue that I'm not getting. In Premiere Pro however, Windows does recognize the camera with the Windows' (MS subunit a/v subunit driver?) or whatever it's called.


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          That XP Pro install is SP2/SP3?


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            Unless MS has slipped me a new update, SP 2. Do you know if there is something in the software that evaluates the hardware and modifies itself accordingly? I've reinstalled the software once, maybe I need to again.


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              There's nothing special needed in addition to the core software itself. I'm assuming you're running the latest version of EDIUS (4.61).

              So when you click 'Capture' from the menus, there's no 'Generic HDV' option?

              Similarly, if you choose 'Input Settings' from this menu, you're only seeing 'Generic OHCI' in the left hand window pane? Want to send a screen shot?


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                Thanks so much for your interest.
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                  "Third time is a charm..." I reinstalled Edius one more tiem and got the generic HDV thing happening. Working OK, and single stream of HDV seems to playback in RT just fine, using the Canopus HQ codec.

                  THANKS for all your help!


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                    hi..sorry to bring this thread again..but i cannot find answers in my search.
                    i'm having problem capture HDV from my macbook c2d 2.4ghz mem 2gig RAM
                    i'm using XP32bit SP2 (bootcamp)
                    "disk to slow" always shows up... even when i try to my wife macbbok c2d 2.0ghz mem 2gig RAM the same...
                    i've tried to re install install edius 5 to 4..defrag HD.. no change!
                    capture to internal HD...external HD via change!
                    capture DV ...good!
                    capture HDV..disk to slow ;(
                    i'm asking for help to all macbook user..
                    (have the same problem long time ago...just don't know whats wrong)
                    MOtion Candid CApture