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Video issues under Boot Camp

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  • Video issues under Boot Camp

    We will be getting a MAC with boot camp soon and want to know if there are any issues, particularly with the video card we may get. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Just to let you know, Grass Valley does not cover anything if you're using Mac Pro...

    But that aside, I've had zero problems with EDIUS NX & Mac Pro and have been using it for a long time now.

    Get an 8800GT.


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      I have been running Edius under bootcamp, but had problems when the NX and expansion card were fitted. The problem was that it was impossible to re-boot up the computer until the Mac had been switched off for about 30 minutes. The problem only manifested itself when the Edius main board was inserted, regardless of which expansion slot that was used. The Edius cards have been checked by GV UK and the computer by a Mac appointed service agent. Although both claim that there is no fault with their hardware, the same problem was experienced in two other, brand new MacPros when using these cards. A new motherboard was fitted in the Mac and the waiting time reduced to a minute, but the problem persists and I now edit without the NX cards.

      I would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this problem.


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        Nope. I use the nx in the second generation Mac Pro. It just works.
        There have been numerous fixes for the mac and even a bootcamp upgrade.

        I am running xp sp3 with bootcamp 2.1 (I also had it running under sp2 )

        This is actually the first time I hear of that problem and I know a few people who run the nx in a macpro.

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