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  • DVD Subtitles question

    Hi everyone,
    Not sure if it belongs here but since Edius is my main editor here it goes...

    How does the subtitles option works on DVD?
    I know I can do subtitles on Edius with TMPro or any other text application, my question is how do I do this in order to get this option on/off at the ending DVD. Are there different video tracks with the subtitles already there, or is it just the subtitles? How?

    I have a project and will like to have this to be as an option and not to be always on.

    Thank you,


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    Putting titles over video is different from DVD subtitles. DVD subtitles are a separate stream, sometimes text, sometimes graphic, that is added in the authoring phase.
    Essentially, your DVD-authoring software needs to allow you to add a subtitle stream. The format the stream must be in depends on the authoring software.


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      if using DVD-Lab Pro, here is how to do it
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        Thank you guys



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          I have been using Subtitel workshop, it's free and quite good.

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