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Alpha Channel in a nested Timeline?

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  • Alpha Channel in a nested Timeline?

    Hope someone can answer for me...

    I have a timeline with an animated lower third which is partially translucent as well as alpha chanelled to fit over video and I use titlemotion pro for text. I have the text wipe on and off etc etc...

    I want to nest that timeline into another timeline but when i do the alpha channel dissapears and the background is black.

    Obviously inside the timeline the lower third works fine but as soon as I nest I lose the alpha channel ability.

    Does anyone know a setting that can be changed anywhere to allow me to nest the timeline and maintain the alpha channel?

    _thanks in advance.


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    There is currently no alpha support like this in v4.x of edius.


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      Put a horrid color like magenta on the bottom of the sequence. Then you can chroma-key it in the other sequence.


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        or 255 blue and 0 0.
        or 255 green 0 0
        Gives a clean key
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          I'll give that a try and see.. Thanks.. atm I think maybe my best bet is copy and paste the timeline into the other timeline... but mayeb the key would work.. Thanks