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Disk too Slow - revisited

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  • skier-hughes
    I have creative sound blaster card.

    Only thing for me would be to un-install it, remove it and capture and see if I ever get it.


    Swap it into other pci slots, think I have one or two others, and see if that helps, but as I get it so seldom, I really can't be bothered, as the testing could take weeks/months to complete.

    I didn't have it when I used premiere with storm, or edius 1.1 with my nxe.

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  • antonsvideo
    could also be caused by a PCI card other than NX and extension board

    do you have any cards inserted such as raid card or extra firewire card?

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  • skier-hughes

    I've not found out what causes mine.

    I've had the problem since 4.52.

    It doesn't appear to be actually that the disc is to slow.

    I've had it capturing to ide/sata/raid drives.
    I've had it to quite full/half full and empty drives
    I've had it capturing analogue or digital
    I've had it right at the beginning, so it doesn't even capture, so it wasn't something interupting it, but actally preventing it from capturing.

    My video pc doesn't connect to net, doesn't have network, anti-virus etc. No screensavers blah di blah.

    Sometimes it works great for days, weeks then it just happens.

    One thing I have found is that I just reboot and it works fine, so I assume it is something interfering which gets turned off on a reboot, but what??? I really just dont have a clue.

    Main problem is if you set a 3 hour vhs tape to capture and come back 3 hours later to find it stopped after two mins gggrrrrrrrrrr.

    Never tried using OHCI.


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  • DigitalDave
    Is this unique to 4.6 Builds or earlier, when I had stayed anyway from 4.anything?

    Also is it NX related or Just Edius?


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  • Imagine Video
    The disk too slow is OR seems to be triggered by ANYTHING that is to say ANY event in the pc hardware or software that interrupts the capture process.


    Anti virus software
    Winows update
    windows activation
    windows scheduled maintainance
    screen savers
    power managment of any kind
    any other automatic behind the scene processes
    always capture to a file on the root of the disk
    turn off any video card applications
    any dvd/cd burning software watch type mfolders or drop spots
    Network card hunting for connections - disable them
    disable any windows tool bar pop ups from programmes

    Just about anything to cause an interruption in the capture process
    get the idea!

    I have done this and with my build I have not had this error for some time but had it at first build and found it stopped after killing all power save modes in xp

    Hope that helps - cath

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  • DigitalDave
    started a topic Disk too Slow - revisited

    Disk too Slow - revisited

    Sigh. First time I use my new sytem in earnest for Capture (PAL DVCam) I got the message.
    This is an NX system with 4.61 and it happened when capturing to one of my older existing IDE drives and also to a new empty SATA . I have been through the "sticky and most do not apply. The "continue capture" was ticked.
    Have not had a chance to discuss with system integrator but......
    What Hardware settings might have been missed?
    Where can I download a suitable speed test?
    How prevelant is this?
    Does it happen only through NX or OHCI as well.
    I hgave Captured the same footage now on my Storm 3.61 system and it was OK

    Any thoughts.

    Thanks DD