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    I've used PowerPoint To Video DVD
    The trial version is usable for 15 conversions.
    The animations survive.
    I wasn't impressed with image quality though.
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      JPG Jittery Narrow Lines

      Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
      the only way to get a smooth product is by doing what I said and create any animations in Edius, I also apply 90x1 motion blur in Photoshop prior to use in Edius, removes all jitter of thin lines
      When narrow lines in jpgs are jittery, Imaginate does a good job of stabilizing them as well.



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        I have tried just about everything and have found that in the long run it is better to just rebuild the lecture or presentation on the Edius time line then output that to tape or DVD for presentation. For over 5 years I was on the dental lecture circuit for a major dental products company and lectured all over North America. My original lectures were built in Power Point and at first I tried converting them wasting a lot of time. I was still not satisfied with the results. The Power Point slides were just not sharp when converted to video.

        It was in the early 90s that I discovered Canopus/Rex Edit 1.0 and I started converting all my lectures to video. It actually took less time in video. The moving graphics (Digital Juice and others) in the back ground were just stunning. Even back then, we used three cameras to shoot the technique part of the lecture then Rex Edit to put it all together. We played the DV tape on a Sony Walkman DV player that had firewire and SVHS out to the projector. We could start and stop the video with the remote and the resultant stills were clear with out jitter. When you couple the moving graphics with music and sound effects the lectures are not boring and become quite effective.

        Currently, I am working on a similar project for a Tobacco Cessation project with one of my former students at the university and we are going to use Edius to build the lecture this time in HDV with a similar player.

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