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Advices making the sunny day to dark

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  • Advices making the sunny day to dark

    I have to edit a short sequence about minute or two long.
    There are two boats, sea, sky, and a little bit of land.

    Now, the guy who gave me this video wants some specific music, and by that, the video of two boats should be dark, cloudy, like there's a storm approaching.

    That would be easy if the mentioned video hasn'te been shooting during the bright day, with just a couple of white clouds, cirus-type I guess.

    Anyway, I tried using Chrominance filter+Color Balance to reduce the Chroma in the sky color and so on, result is somewhat ok, but still, I'm not satisfied. The darkening makes no sense as there's almost completley bright day, meaning there's not enought clouds for that amount of darkening and grey color.

    Has anyone encountered anything alike and knows which tool in Edius can be helpful by that? It's not that I want to MAKE clouds so that the darkening would make sense, but hey...if I can, why not.

    So? Is there a way I can use Edius to create a video of storm-like day using the almost bright day so that average man wouldn't figure it out while watching? Anything else except Chrominance+Color Balance?

    The video footage is not on PC I'm using at home, so I cannot upload a screenshot.

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    You might want to look at this post:

    Some of those filter presets are very useful..


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      Reduce the Contrast, and use some White Balance with the Luminance limiters to enhance shadows.


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        this is where I like BorisFX9 with its built in climate generator, create snow, snowstorm, rain, rainstorm, you name it

        I can make it snow in Sydney
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          Check this, might come in handy.