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  • Edius AAF to Avid or Premiere Pro

    I have several Edius timelines that I need to bring to a post house that uses Avid. The aafs I export seem unable to properly handle MXF data. Whenever the post house imports them, there are problems. Whenever I import them into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, there are problems.

    In desperation, I made a test sequence where I converted all my MXF clips into DVCPROHD AVIs. Then I exported an aaf. I opened it in Premiere and it was basically fine. Therefore, I thought the Avid people would be able to import it as well. Wrong! The AVIs have no timecode.

    They offered to open the same sequence in Adobe Premiere. I don't know what version they're using. But they're having problems with that as well. They get an error message that says, "The importer reported a generic error."

    At this point I don't know what to do anymore. I'm literally one step away from the crying stage.

    Have other people had serious issues with Edius aafs? I'm new to the HD world and new to using aafs, but I refuse to believe that this is all on my end. What is going on here???

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    What are your settings when creating the AAf from Edius?
    The problem is that the Avid MXF workflow sucks according to a few of my friends who work on avid systems.
    They tell me it is like some kind of voodoo.

    Any way one of them suggest that you create the AAF with all pointing to original clips.
    Then you should bring the cards to the facility.
    They should know the voodoo to import them to disk (harddrive) (mediafiles directory)
    Then they should the restore the AAf from clips on the harddrives.

    I am just passing this info along.

    This is also a link I got:

    hope this helps

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      We've tried it with all different settings: using original, copying, etc. The problem is that the aafs don't import correctly. There's no audio track, for one. And they aren't able to relink the media. They have copies of the original clips and still can't relink to them.

      They are able to bring in the original clips, it's just relinking them in my timeline that isn't working right.



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        I dont have the chance to check that, as i dont have CS3 so far, not speaking about Avid at all...

        I just did some AAF export/import tests a couple of weeks ago, not using any MXF files...using .avi (exporting unchanged type 3 aaf i guess..) and importing that AAF into After effects..worked like a charme..

        We did tests with Type1 exporting to Nuendo, which worked perfect as well (of course mainly sound, but also from HVX200 footage, export of AIFF/Wav was done fine by AAF-export in Edius..!

        I would guess that something is wrong with the version of Premiere they are it the recent one that can handle native MXF?

        Id also give it a try exporting to After Effects, then using the kind of Linking between after effects and premiere that was invented by adobe and see if this helps.

        For Avid i dont have a clue at all, i just had major problems when we had a try 15 month ago...720p wouldnt import at all..not sure if this changed in the mean time, but make sure you are using DVCPRO50 or 1080 in Avid..not much experience on Avid from my side..!

        Id be curious to hear if the same project that doesnt import properly into Premiere works better on After Effects 8.02.

        Gotta get the update soon to do some tests as me its not too important to get the sound into AE, rather the mxf files for post..and audio goes into nuendo..but i am curious how the workflow is doing..!

        Hope you can sort it out...!
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          Hey..i just came across your post again, as i just posted a new thread...i guess we are having trouble with basicly the same problem: the way Edius is exporting the AAF according to .mxf-material...looks like all the other applications (AVID, AE...) are looking for the .mxf-link to find the files, but Edius is linking to the .xml instead...i am not sure if there is any quick solution for that..but it would be great to get some support on read more about it, you could check my todays post:

          Hope somebody can help..!
          Edius 6.52
          Windows 7-64bit
          8GB RAM
          Intel Core I5, [email protected],40GHz