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Probleme captering with dazzle

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  • Probleme captering with dazzle

    i've just installed the program but when i want to capture the video from my

    dazzle dvc100 card nothing taht happned perhaps the program doest know my

    video card usb dazzle dvc100

    plz help me if there the solution


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    Are you capturing into EDIUS?

    If not...I think you have the wrong forum..


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      capturing into edius

      yes i've just instaled the edius version 4

      but i cant capturing the video from pinnacle dazzle dvc100 card aquisition usb


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        Unless I'm totally mistaken, I do not believe you can capture into any other program other than the Pinnacle software that comes with the Dazzle box, meaning that you will not be able to capture into EDIUS with it.

        Consider one of our ADVC converters, like the ADVC-110. It isn't tied to any software for acquisition, and it can be used with any NLE, including EDIUS.


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          You may be able to capture from the DVC100 using CaptureFlux -- it supports a couple of different Dazzle devices but doesn't specifically mention the DVC100, but it's worth trying:

          DVdate est un logiciel sympa et gratuit que l'on peut télécharger pour voir ce qu'un fichier avi a dans le ventre, et noatmment retrouver la date et heure de tournage d'un clip DV ainsi que son timecode. Il comprend de nombreuses fonctoins utilitaires pour convertir ou renommer des fichiers, voire créer des fichiers scn.