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Need some help on capturing

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  • Need some help on capturing

    This was the closest forum to match my question, as there are not hardware specific forums anymore.

    It has been a long time since I have had to capture from vhs, but have some home movies of the kids on vhs I need to capture to dvd. I have the original Storm card and Edius 3.

    Can someone refresh me on the steps for capturing from VCR to my computer via the storm card for the best and most lossless quality?

    I seem to remember back before edius and all there was a buffer change you had to make or something, not sure if you still have to do that.

    But please, if someone can give me the steps to capture and capture at the best quality possible, would appreciate it. I have the front storm bay as well.

    And also wasn't there a way to capture it all in one large avi file without having it split every 20 minutes? any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks...t

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    I'd strongly recommend checking out this document. It will help reacquaint you with EDIUS v3.


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      Thanks so much, I will do it inow....t


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        One question before i head over there...I use edius frequently for dv to dv but have never used it for the vhs to dv with the storm, will this article help me with that aspect of it, settings and so forth? thanks again..t