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    I shot a football-game with two HVXs on P2. We didn´t roll through, but I have tons of clips. Basically every play has 2 files (one from each cam).
    I would like to simply have cam 1 on V1 and cam 2 on V2 throughout.
    But Edius creates a new videoline in the timeline for every clip as if there are hundreds of cameras.
    How can I drag them in a way so they stick to timecode-sync and stay on only V1 and V2. Do I need to create cetain directories?

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    good question because I want to buy a HVX-500, just waiting on Stormdave to tell me how good it is :)

    one way to do it would be to export all clips from camera1 to a new single clip and then do the same with cam2 clips

    with a Raid0, this is super fast, about 4min only per hour
    Anton Strauss
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      IF the timecode was freerun and the timecode would be spaced correctly you could bring in all of the clips in a MultiCam project. If you have 100 clips there will be 100 tracks but the clips will be spaced correctly. Right click on the sequence Tab and make sure the TimeCode for the sequence starts on the same frame that your camera did.

      Now, start another sequence and go into MultiCam mode. Repeat with the second camera.

      Create a third sequence... go into MultiCam mode... then bring in the two other sequences.

      The two sequences will line up by timecode and you can do the multicam switching between two tracks instead of 200.



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        Mike, that is the workaround I was looking for. Great suggestions. I will try this.


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          It worked. I was relatively slow, because this was the first time I tested this. But with two sequences lined up in multicam mode it was a great experience in the end. Well, as great an experience as work can be ;-)