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    I live en Denmark, and we have our own kbd layout with special chrt. etc.

    I am not sure what to do. To get the 'proper' kbd shortcuts according to manual training DVD's etc. I should buy UK/US lauout and install it as such in windows too.

    Has anybody any thoughts on this, maybe someone from other than US/UK countries.


    Best regards * Ulf * Denmark
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    Here, we also have Croatian-type keyboards with several characters that US/UK keyboards doesn't have, yet every shortcut works. Believe me, I've seen it on at least 6 PC's.

    Also, what' interesting, here I have letter 'š' that has the same effect as the letter 'w' I think (placing the I/O clip to timeline). I think it's W. Nvm, I don't use it anyway.

    Point: it works for me and everyone around here, so I guess it should work for you also.