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A/B Editing vs Insert Editing

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    [QUOTE=chec;99496]I am migrating from Premiere 6.5

    WOW! Wecome to 21st century... Premiere 6.5 was my first love...
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      Originally posted by GrassValley_CP View Post
      But a LOT of the NLE world is still geared/focused on A/B editing. How many times do we get questions like "how many layers/tracks can you edit in realtime?" I get that one every day and twice on Sunday. It makes me wonder just how many users of other NLEs and just NLE users in general do what. It would make an interesting study.

      I couldn't agree more that single track editing is so much easier and easier to wrap your mind around, especially when dealing with transitions.
      Sigh -I think you have missed the point. An NLE can still have single track but Multi Layers - it simply refers to how and where transitions are applied.



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        Like many I cut my teeth A/B and still predominately prefer it as it is more logical particularly if there is a lot going on (multi layers) but I also love the ability to use both techniques together and in particular, link a number of clips with dissolves within the same PIP (a feature that many who dont grasp it hate)
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          How true Dave. That ability to transition between clips within a PIP block on one track AND transition to a block on the second track with it's own transitions is truly wonderful. Not to mention transitions between clips in one PIP on one track, and transitions between clips in another track with PIP in the original track.

          Then of course you can nest this sequence in another sequence and PIP it over ANOTHER track which transitions to another sequence which is a PIP in another track, which . . . . which . . . . . which . . . . .

          For cuts and fades editing of a single piece of footage, I use the convenience of the single track edit, but for most other things that involve multi-camera, or intermingling other footage and/or stills, I always use A/B style.


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            For the simpler timelines I'll use single track, while for something more complex I'll go with A/B. Thats whats great about Edius, you can use both methods in the same project with the multiple sequences feature.
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