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  • I have a problem

    Sounds like M.LKing...
    But I have done an editing, sequence, that is ok, I save it to the bin, that is ok too, but when trying to load the seq, I get everything back, all tracks, clips and so on, Shouldnt I get a total track with everything in it?
    Where am I going wrong
    A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)

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    Don't know if I understood you right, but I guess 'total track' means one clip that unify all the tracks in mentioned sequnece.

    Open 2 sequences. In one, you can edit and 'save it to bin' (it saves automatically). Then, enter sequence 2 and simply drag&drop sequence 1 into it. Then you'll get the 'total track'.

    That should be 'solution', but I still think I didn't understand your problem.


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      This is correct... are you placing the sequence in another sequence? if you are you should see one file. Now, if you double click on the file it will open the original sequence it came from. :)



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        Thanks, for your answers, works perfectly !!
        A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)