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Re-capture sd project in hdv

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  • antonsvideo
    I would guess that Edius wants avi clips like in the SD project

    so if your HDV input settings are set to m2t transport stream, then it may play the tape looking for avi and can't find

    so try and change HDV input settings in capture menu to Canopus HQ 1440x1080

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  • Beautiful_dsaster
    started a topic Re-capture sd project in hdv

    Re-capture sd project in hdv

    I have a project I edited in sd that was shot in hd with a sony fx1. I have now built a quad core system capable of editing hd so I would like to capture that project in hd. I opened the project and changed my project settings for hdv and have given all my clips reel names. When I click the button to batch capture offline clips only used in timeline my deck(my fx1) starts to play as if it wants to capture but nothing captures and it plays till the end of tape and I have to cancel the capture dialogue. How do I recapture my project in hd, (What am I doing Wrong?) thanx in advance for your much needed replys.