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Converting MXF to DVCPROHD AVI

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  • Converting MXF to DVCPROHD AVI

    I have to take my MXF footage to a post house that uses Avid. They're having a devil of a time recreating my aaf timeline with the MXF clips. I thought it might be easier on them if I converted all my MXF footage to DVCPROHD AVI's. I would have to relink all the new clips in my timeline but if it works, it works.

    I'm wondering if there's any loss of quality (however small) in this conversion.

    Some followup questions:

    Is 1280 by 1080 the maximum resolution I can achieve shooting on a Panasonic AG-HVX200?

    Is DVCPROHD AVI only capable of 1280 by 1080?

    If I convert MXF to DVCPROHD AVI, am I thus cheating myself out of resolution?


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    Yes 1280x1080 is the max for DVCPROHD.

    You can export out a DVCPROHD MXF out of EDIUS and take that to the AVID.


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      The Avid people aren't able to read my DVCPROHD MXF files. They can read the original uncombined MXF files and combine them themselves, but they can't read the ones I already combined. That's why I thought it might be easier to use DVCPROHD AVIs. But is there a loss of quality in converting DVCPROHD MXF to DVCPROHD AVI?

      The Avid editors can't properly import my Edius aaf. When they do, the timeline is missing an audio track and they aren't able to relink to my media. Neither of us can figure out what to do so if anyone has any answers/advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.