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Tell me that Edius works like microsoft word...

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  • Tell me that Edius works like microsoft word...

    In that it can read in adobe premiere pro files (Like word reads wordperfect) files.......

    please please please please tell me it can.

    Had an emergency call from a potential new client(PNC) asking for help with an adobe premiere pro file. I know the two are similar in their workings, but I'd feel a heckuva lot better (And impressive with this PNC) if I could work my magic in Edius as oppose dot finding things in premiere pro :)
    So, am I feelin' lucky? Well, do I, Punk?

    You tell me....

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    Lucky? Maybe, if your system doesn't bomb with your client in the chair next to you.

    I never lie about using software if I have 100% confidence in it. Be honest, they'll appreciate that more than hype.
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      Edius can't open Premiere projects, your best bet for moving projects between dissimilar systems are EDLs (Edit Decision Lists).


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        new client(PNC) asking for help with an adobe premiere pro file.
        Is it a project file or a DVavi file?
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