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Titlemotion has become completely unusable

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    I had the same problem and I gave up completely on TMP. I personnally feel that TMP is a big problem for GrassValley. The software is "buggy" and difficult to use. The software hasn't seen an upgrade for quite some time and GrassValley doesn't realy have anything to say in the development of this product.

    I personnally think GrassValley doesn't know what to do when it comes to Titling software. They can't upgrade it themselves because they don't own it. They are in a difficult position.

    I solved my problem by switching to "Blufftitler". This software is very powerful and so easy to use, even keyframing is so very easy to use. It supports particles, plasma effects, etc. etc.. One can do an infinity of effects with it. I have been using it for 6 months now and I feel I haven't used a third of its possibilities. It hasn't crashed on me once and it supports any resolution, even HD.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot, another nice feature: its price $65.

    I would strongly suggest that GrassValley teamup with Blufftitler to include this titler with Edius in replacement of the outdated TMP or at least work with them to produce a plugin for this superb product.

    I hope you give it at least a try. You can download a demo here:

    Hope this helps.

    BigRick, Montreal, Canada

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      I completely agree with the above.

      Lets hope Edius 5 has a different titling software.
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        I have seen the same problems with TMPro. The TMP window opens with holes in it, the tool icons, etc are missing. If I click on the "hole" the TMPro icons fill in. This happens infrequently, and it is more of an annoyance than a problem. I have Edius 4.61.
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