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Is this possible with Edius?

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  • GrassValley_KH
    I'd start here:

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  • Rusty
    Good graphic, but no NLE on the planet will do that.

    You need to look into the GV switcher dept.
    (Mods... any ideas where to start?)

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  • chnsky
    Guest replied
    Thanks for your answer, but I think i didn´t explain my setting clearly enough. I tried to show it better in the attachement.

    We have a room, with cameras in each corner (cam1-4); in this room stands a TV (can only be seen in cam4); on the TV we have a green (or blue) screen.
    Another camera (6) is on the ceilling, the last camera is on the wall and films directly the TV (with the green/blue) screen.

    All this six cameras have recorded in 640x480, and the result is combined as a film of 30 minutes (1080p). This we have on harddisk now (at the moment in MPEG4 AVC, but I can change the used codec to reduce the CPU-usage while playing it in edius).

    Now I want capture a live TV-Stream (DVB-T) and pass it in the Television (Vid 4/5). So then the live-stream has to be distorted, skewed, resized (in vid 4 like 120x80, in vid 5 like 400x300) to pass it in correctly .
    I can take the TV-Stream directly with my laptop (has a dvb-t built in), or I can capture this from an external dvb-t player with an USB-capturing device.

    I hope this makes it more clearly, what I want: I have one 1080p-file on harddisk (background) and want to insert in 2 positions a live-stream (as PiP, but skewed/distorted). This should then go directly to the projector via HDMI-Out; it should not be recorded.

    My problem is, I have absolutly no experience with NLE or Compositing programs (though a lot experiences with audio composing and editing). I just want to choose the right program to start with.
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  • Rusty

    It sounds like a fun setup, but not a realistic idea for Edius...
    Not even realistic for a laptop to run (what sounds like) 7 1080p video streams.

    Or is it one background stream (the 6 (fake) cameras) with two superimposed skewed PnP's from a live stream?

    Still asking way too much for live.

    Maybe Tricaster will do it.

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  • chnsky
    Guest started a topic Is this possible with Edius?

    Is this possible with Edius?

    Hello and greetings.

    I have a situation and want to know if this possible with Edius pro:

    We have a film in HDTV (1080p25). This film shows a room out of six positions (The film is separated in 2 rows, 3 columns, every at 640x480). Out of 2 positions, a TV is seen in the picture.

    We want to stream a life tv-stream (DVB-T) into this hdtv-file, so it should look, like this film was shooted at the moment (the life TV-Stream "on the TV" in the background).

    This should be realised in realtime, because I want to send it directly to a projektor (over HDMI, 1080p). It should not be saved on disk.

    A Laptop with Intel Core2Duo, 2,5 GHz, T9300 (Penryn), 3 GB RAM, DVB-T on board.

    The problems I see are the following:
    Because of some circumstances (mobility), there is no possibly to do this on a workstation, only on the Laptop.

    The source file is 1080p, the TV-Stream has to be "passed in the TV" , that means distortion, skew, rotation.Is this with Edius pro possible (per keying, stamping, overlay...?).

    I know this is a curious question, but I just starting video editing. Thanks