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  • Strange Behavior NX Card

    I Had just the Strangest thing happening to me.

    A couple of months ago I connected my NX card with a 10 meter coax cable to my AV Amplifier in my living room.

    While capturing I was watching tv and just to check where I was in the tape I switched the AV Amplifier to the NX preview out and the picture froze.

    I went to my computer and saw the dreaded "disk to slow" message !

    I restarted the capture, went back to the AV amp and switched the input back and forth, you guess it, it stopped again.

    Not sure what this is but it looks like when the "load" on the NX card's sVideo output changes, the capturing stops.

    I had done this in the past with the same system, but previous version of Edius, now with 4.61 this happens !?

    This "Disc to Slow" message can be reproduced at will, this is scary.