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Momentary Freeze When Adjusting Clips on Timeline

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  • Momentary Freeze When Adjusting Clips on Timeline

    I just upgraded to a new system with edius 4.5 and have since had the following problem. Whenever I adjust the length of a clip or transition on the timeline, Edius momentarily freezes. I can still move my cursor around on the timeline but monitors dont change. Usually lasts about 30 seconds or so and edius doesnt crash but it is still no fun!Any idea's?

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    Upgrade to 4.61 it includes many fixes.

    There is one other things these temporary freezes can also occur when you have sound soap applied to any clip on the timeline.

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      If you have the volume sliders panel open, turn it off and the freeze will go away.

      Its been and issue for a while.



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        Thisa has been a problem with me for quite a while, but not the preview monitors, just the PC monitors...everything runs ok, but the curser sticks and the PC monitor shows the stuck video.....did some all sorts of adjustments, but nothing helps, so I just ignore it and go on.....I keep my eyes on the output monitor, and forget the is a bit annoying at times tho.......gusee it is some hardware/software issue........My video plays a bit jerky on the PC monitor as well, but ok on the output , that is why I think it is an hardware issue...Even when i am capturing in DVCapture, I get the same jerky looking display....cant let that hod me up from editing......I know it dont affect the actual editing, so why worry.