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Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 Update WOW!!!

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    SuperMicro? why would I care what motherboard somebody uses? (unless it is not working correctly with EDIUS).

    Read the rules. The discussions here are for Grass Valley Products, in this forum Edius specifically.

    Talking about a motherboard is not off topic IF it is related to how well it works with our product.

    No other explanation is needed as the rules cover this.

    Now, I will forget that you just suggested that I am a dishonest person and again state.

    Great discussion everyone but I really need to see some Edius benchmarks as to leave this open.

    Do you have a older system with 4.x on it to test against so we can see if the board is beneficial for editing?

    I do not see a thing in there about Super Micro... do you?



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      I have been using one of these boards since there release, just completed a big job with Edius 4.61 and have never had a more stable board, Edius runs fine on it as does everthing else that I use on it.
      Main system, Supermicro X8DAH+,Dual Xeon X5680 cpu's 24 cores,2x1400watt power supplys,SC747TG-R1400B-SQ Case,192GB 1333mhz ECC Registered ram,8 x 480GB Intel 520 SSD drives,Windows 7 64 bit ultimate, GTX 670 4GB ,2 x Sony BWU300S Blu-Ray burners, 1x Sony DVD burner,LSI 9266 Raid Controller with Cache vault & fast path Lic, ESI MayaE Audio,HD Spark,Blackmagic intensity Pro,TMPGenc 5,Episode Pro 6,Sorenson 9 Pro,Alcohol 120 V2, Edius 6.53,Dell 27"LCD,HD Spark, Powershield 3000VA UPS.


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        Just wondering out loud...

        Why wouldn't the NX card work with this motherboard?

        It has an Intel chipset and can't be far away from the other boards approved on the list.
        Asus Prime X299-A - Intel i9 7900x all cores @4.3GHz 2 cores @4.5GHz - 32GB RAM - NVidia GTX1070 - Edius 9 WG - BM Intensity 4k - Boris RED - Vitascene 2 - Windows 10


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          Originally posted by swsw1550 View Post
          Why on this forum do you people want to shut everything down ( Close Threads) is it because people don't use Supermicro?
          I always thought that forums where about trying to help each other with problems on all subjects and hardware, Not to supply
          information to companies worth millons of dollars who can afford to do there own testing and benchmarks.
          The forum's mission statement is clear enough - we're here to provide an organic knowledge base for our products. Anything outside needs to stay...outside.

          If the discussion is the use of a motherboard within a system for EDIUS, so be it - that is perfectly fine.

          But if and when that discussion turns into a debate on motherboard make/models and operating systems, it's off topic and belongs off the forums. (ie. take it to PM)

          We run a tight ship with a small crew. We cannot be everything to everyone. Thankfully the Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge.