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Edius NX PCI-X - DVCapture problem

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  • Edius NX PCI-X - DVCapture problem

    Independently of version Edius (i have today 4.61), program is in same version from a long time (a good while) DVCapture, newest version acts it 1.11.

    From part Info Canopus:
    DVCapture Utility v1.11
    Filename _ DVCapture
    Released 06/27/2006

    Problem is with displaying at I from some (certain) time during by harbor on card (kart) in (to) zgrywania DV NX DVCapture. If by on controller (inspector) on main plate (disc) zgrywam firewire, then has no problem. If at first I will start up camera and then I will drive in in (to) her (it) PLAY DVCapture and I will choose it be entrance (entry) entrance of (entry of) card (kart) ( ) NX-DV canopusa and image (offense) ask and sound and it is possible to record (to write down) it on disk, however, tapes held < detention (halt) > and secondary driving in PLAY shows - image not, sound only; ( and it is not possible to record (to write down) on disk; cable is in (to) 100% proficient ( because it acts on from main plate (disc) without problems firewire.
    I ask about assistance!

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    Edius NX PCI-X - DVCapture problem

    sorry, It happened not