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What to buy for a RAID 0

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    Originally posted by johannesj View Post
    I never use usb.
    I use esata for external drive´s.

    my best
    Is the Esata the same as those 1 gigabyte ethernet cables i am hearing about?
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      It's statistics vs probability.

      Say you roll a six-sided die (1d6) 10 times and you never get a 6.
      Probabilistically, your odds of rolling a 6 have not changed. It's still a 1-in-6 chance.

      However, statistically, your odds of rolling a 6 increase with every roll that isn't a 6.

      This is all assuming the die is properly weighted and such.


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        They are connected using 3gig, never had any problem using it.
        I use esata for external single disk´s and for raid enclosure.
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