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xdcam ee footage and proxies

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  • xdcam ee footage and proxies

    Can anyone explain or point me to reference material regarding the process of using proxies with Edius Broadcast for the xdcam ex footage from the EX1 camera.

    I can bring in to the bin the full high resolution footage using the clip browser, but struggle to see how to just edit with the proxy.

    My plan is to be able to edit some footage on my laptop while away from base and would definitely need the proxy to work with, but looking in the HELP files doesn't seem to offer any guidance. I do see a greyed out option in one of the menus, 'Handling Proxies' but I can't seem to access it!

    Help appreciated!
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    I saw this on another post. Is this basic procedure?

    1 export all your clips to dv using the exact same file name they have in HDV (better use HQ for your HDV clips..just a tip)
    2 Make a 16:9 SD project with the same frame rate as your clip equals the frame rate you will use when doing the online
    3 Edit some clips
    4 export your project using AAF select the option to use original clips for both audio and video
    5 Make an Hd project 1440x1080
    (note: if you are doing this on one pc for a test rename the folder of the video files by adding an A to the name)

    6 Import by using AAf
    7 Restore dialog comes up
    8 Select restore by folder
    9 point it to the folder where you have the HDV files.
    10 watch EDIUS magic as it restores HDV files in the place of dv files.

    Project framerate much match
    Filenames must be the same



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      Please can some one help me with this.


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        Yes the EX does not create proxy files.


        You want to use a workflow for XDCAM for XDCAMEX.
        They are two different things.

        If you want to use the procedure you posted earlier I don't see what else we should tell you? It is written down step by step.

        Maybe you can tell us what else you need to know?
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          Thank you!


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            In that case - can anyone explain this?

            > Sony’s optical disk-based XDCAM HD camcorders also produce low-res 1.5 Mbps
            > MPEG-4 proxy files. Is it true that the PMW-EX1 doesn’t have the capability to
            > produce such proxy files?

            Proxy clips are created when you use the clip browser. It will automatically create the proxies for you. They are created on the back end, not while you record.