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    Gosh, after seeing the 4K screens displaying TRUE 4K at NAB wonder how long it will be before they are announced for consumers.
    Frankly 1080p looked real LOW rez compared to 4K and on the larger displays (100"+) it is gorgeous. Nobody will pick 1080p if they saw what is coming down the pipe!
    Sorry if you did not make it to Las Vegas this week but this is something to see to believe.

    I imagine that Edius 5 will be handling 4K editing along with RED. RED will soon be coming with their $3000 model that will do 4K, I understand.
    I also imagine that the computing/storage capabilities for 4K must be HUMONGOUS and the distribution means are in development - forget about H264 broadband distribution in the near future for this format!
    Then there will be 8K, etc..

    Wish, wish, wish...

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    It will do 3k the last I got info.

    I guess you will have to wait 4 years to actually get one. :)
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      Seriously, when do you think 100" displays and a 4K delivery pipeline (streaming or optical disks) will show up in enough homes to make it a viable market?


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        10 yrs unless the world economy goes really sour.


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          Originally posted by THoff View Post
          Seriously, when do you think 100" displays and a 4K delivery pipeline (streaming or optical disks) will show up in enough homes to make it a viable market?
          100" displays are here now with affordable 1920 x 1080 HD projection and screens. The screens can be really low cost - £50/$100 for a WilsonArt Designer white laminate will do the job very well. It looks as though the Red range is promoted as a camera for digital cinema projection, to be downsized to HD for consumer (BluRay?) application.
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            1080p barely reaches 2k and people want 4k now? hehehe

            I don't want any more sharp skin showing up on TV 1080p is enough :D

            4k is good for Imax and cinematic experiences like that.

            Red is overhyped, imo. It spits out RAW images and you have to do everything in post. I still love Film and it's dynamic range. Try getting the look of Gladiator or Man on Fire with a Viper or a RED camera ;)


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              I know what you mean Dave. It is already tougher with 1080 showing cosmetic imperfections, no more handheld shots, etc..

              BUT, it sure was a LOT nicer seeing 4K at NAB...


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                4k would be fun, but Red is 4:4:4 colorspace, so the data is MASSIVE. Anything you saw playing was from a RAID drive. There is currently no other playback available...

                ... except flm. :~)
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                  just learned from the RED forum that Astro has 4k displays that were being used to show an 8k camera at NAB, downcoverted to 4k. It was an NHK camera. They also had a lot of other very interesting products.
                  Thought you may be interested..