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GV´s answer for MXO2 is what?

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  • GV´s answer for MXO2 is what?

    Probably a wrong forum. Sorry and please move if necessary.

    Matrox showed a very interesting tool with lots of I/O for a competitive price. If you compare the limited use of the NX-boards compared to that there has to be a answer from GV in the works. SDI is the standard nowadays (in HD and SD). Shall we wait? How long? or is it really time to look at the greener grass on the other side?

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    Every time Matrox release a new product they orphan another. There are lots of neglected little Matrox cards over that fence yelling for drivers that will never come. As an investment Canopus (or GV) cards have an unsurpassed record for giving the best return for your money! Just be careful about that view over the fence, I think you will find upon closer inspection that the grass has lots of brown patches!



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      :lol yeah I know. The big brown patches are Apple or Premiere. But still there is demand for SDI and GV needs to adress that.


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        I still think an express card for laptops, by that I mean external of course - NX style would be a killer, with SDI of course.

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