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Edius 4.6: No normal modus

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  • antonsvideo
    you have many options

    1. when you drag a sequence to another sequence, drop it so there is a gap between the sequences, then select the dropped sequence and press backspace, this will close the gap

    2. when you drag a sequence to another sequence, drop it on an empty track above and then move it into place

    3. park timeline cursor at end of first sequence, then drag new sequence and let it snap to cursor

    be sure snap is turned on, if snap is off, mistakes like yours can happen easy

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  • istvan
    started a topic Edius 4.6: No normal modus

    Edius 4.6: No normal modus


    with the version Edius 4.6, I have the following problems:

    - normal modus is deactivated. If I try to move a sequence to an other one and I make it not so fine, one sequence cut some frames from the first sequence. The frames jump onto to the end of the moved one. It is pretty annoying.

    I can imagine I set something on a wrong way.

    - At HQ AVI-files form Pegasus it is not possible to drag it and drop it to both audio "lane" and video "lane". It must be done separated. Is it normal. In case of using AV ones it is ok.

    Thanks for your help.