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  • No video output on Playback & Record Monitors


    i have been using my storm2 with Edius 2.5 for a long while on a Asus P3 and decided to upgrade my hardware to a C2D 2.66Ghz, 2gb DDR2 667mhz ram running on a MSI P35 Platinum mobo with a MSI NX8400GS 256Mb graphics card. Having problems with no video appearing on either the playback or record monitor windows. Each time a stop playback, i see a frame of the clip in the window. As soon as i start playback again, all i see is a grey window but audio is fine.

    Any ideas how i can fix this problem? Or do i have an incompatibility issue in my hardware?

    Appreciate any pointers that can get me going. thanks.

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    just been having the same problem myself on a new build. I am using an ATI Saphire graphics card and I eventually found a little tick box burried away in the card settings which said 'use application settings' - solved my problem.


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      Hi Guys
      I dont know if this is relevant but I have had real problems with the nvidea 8000 series cards with playback on my monitor screen, this has only been with HD so does not seem relevant to your problem.
      Edius has 2 ways of displaying the video
      1: in Direct Draw and
      2: Direct 3D9
      The only way I was able to make it work was in 2: Direct3D9! But it worked perfectly in SD in either which I can assume as you are using Storm2
      Try the latest drivers from nvidea as they were miles ahead of the ones that came with the card
      Regards Barry
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        Hi Barry

        the OP is using Edius 2.5 and it has no overlay options whatsoever
        Anton Strauss
        Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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          thanks for all your input. Have downloaded the latest drivers from msi for the nvidia card.

          Anton is correct. Edius 2.5 does not have overlay options unlike Edius 4.0 Pro. This could be the problem i am facing. Unable to set the overlay options for the graphic card i have.

          I'm stuck..either upgrade my edius to a newer version eg. Edius 4.5 or downgrade my mobo and go for a AGP video card instead of a PCI-E...?