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    Hello everyone

    What type of Raid would you consider to be the safest for editing? I've heard a lot but I'd like to hear from some who have actually had personal experience in that area

    Thanks a lot in advance
    Happy Trimmer Productions
    Athens, GR

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    IF you are ediing in standard definition then just use RAID 1 (mirror)
    If you are editing in high definition you might want to try RAID 5 (stripped with redundancy) but you'd need 4 or 5 drives at least to keep the speed up.
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      raid 1 or raid 5 , yes are good but if you have extra $ buy a real card for raid , the one on your motherboard work, but is it very safe ?

      we , for edit we use fast raid 0 (not safe).
      we backup on a linux server (raid 5 card) for the "short time" (10 week max) and on dd usb2 /dvd after 10 week .

      good luck


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        A RAID attached to an add-in card is more portable than one attached to a motherboard controller because it's much more difficult to pull out the motherboard controller than it is to remove the add-in card.

        A RAID managed as a single entity by a hardware RAID controller (ie, like a NAS box that attaches by eSATA) is the most portable.


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          I use raid 0 with 4 hard disk for fastest performance to edit HD. mirro raid is not qualified for video editing. Raid 5 writing speed is equal to mirro raid. So Exporting time will increase and my have some problem capturing 3 channel with dv capture. but raid 5 reading speed is almost equal to raid 0. so its on your risk. raid 0 fastest performance and raid 5 slower but more safe.
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