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  • Edius 4.6+Storm2

    After I am installing Edius 4.6 I have problem with camera control when I capturing via storm2 but not when I capturing via OHCI. This problem appear only when I use Canon MV630 for playback but not when I use Sony TRV25 camcorder. When I start "Storm capture" in Edius camcorder goes in Play-pause mode (Sony stay in STOP mode) and freeze all deck command (I cant stop or play deck) until stopped camcorder with remote controller. When I get play video from camcorder time code does not "spin" on edius counter (stay on first frame value) but on camcorder display goes on. I am reinstall storm driver with new one.
    Any idea?
    (Sorry for bad English!)

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    I don't know if this is your problem but there have been problems trying to get certain Canon camcorders to work with Edius. As far as I am aware there doesn't appear to be a solution other than to use OHCI
    Dual 3.06 Xeon, 2Gb memory, NX card, Edius 4.6, Procoder 2.


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      Try using DVCapture..........that should is in the Bonus Folder of Edius 4,


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        DVCapture work, OHCI work, that I know, but why from Edius 2.0 to 4.51 Canon work nice but 4.6 failed?


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          Capture with Storm2 DV on Edius 4.61

          Having the same prob with a Canon Mv....something camcorder and changing the hardware setting with Overlay setting ....DDraw "refresh overlay" set to "none" and worked.
          Maybe spontaneous but worked.
          I also disabled from camera's menu the "Dv in" option.
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            same problem here with canon mv900

            it is common in DVStorm and DVX boards... no problems with NX and SP boards...
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              Same here, I had a MV 950 until yesterday, when it died.
              Lots of issues using it with DVSorm2, NX mostly o.k. but not always !

              Replaced it with a SONY HDV-HC9E the same night and works great with camera control either using DVStorm or NX.