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4.61 released!

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  • Rusty
    Other than feature requests, does this cover most current issues?

    Issues fixed in this version (from v4.6)

    * Fixed an issue when rendering sequenced image files on the timeline
    * Fixed an issue with project consolidation which contained a clip with a negative speed setting (reverse playback)
    * Fixed an issue when using the Convert function in the EDIUS bin window on sequenced image files that contained alpha information (the alpha information was discarded)
    * Fixed an issue with P2 select when importing more than 250 clips from a single P2 card at the same time
    * Fixed issues with importing of projects (when there are search folders in the project to be exported)
    * Fixed issues that would cause EDIUS to crash, when scrubbing sequenced image files on a timeline
    * Fixed an issue with voiceover recording (the recording sampling rate was wrong)
    * Fixed an issue with EDIUS startup that would report that a dongle is required, even if a dongle was already present (older installations would report an expiry of the software)
    * Fixed an issue with importing of AAF files (tracks would fail to load)
    * Fixed an issue with exporting of AAF files, when any clip speed is changed from 100%
    * Improved VMF playback performance (applicable to certain environments)

    Known Issues

    * When editing a title clip, EDIUS may freeze
    * A sequence may fail to import in some cases
    * When footage is captured from only one tape with Batch Capture, a 'Please insert reel 001' message appears after every clip capture in the list
    * Project files that contain many still images may take longer to load than with previous versions of EDIUS v4.x

    Big download!

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  • SoundFreak
    Download Complete (pretty fast speed), Installation went smooth, rebooting, cross fingers (and toes), start Edius 4.61 ... That was fast, up and running, got picture, got sound, great, Thanks GV / Canopus for the fix.

    Hopefully everybody is cured now .................

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  • SoundFreak
    Loading Now ..........

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  • pjsssss
    started a topic 4.61 released!

    4.61 released!

    According to Kenneally, it is now available in the DL section.